Proudly Made in Taal

All our products are carefully made by our local dressmakers in Taal, Batangas. We take pride in creating affordable and quality Filipiniana apparel for a greater purpose. If you also wish to see our clothing in our modern Filipina's daily wear, please show us your support by promoting our shop or giving us feedback.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Send us a message in facebook or Instagram to pre-order. We also accept made-to-measure.

Our Fabrics

What are our sleeves made of and what makes us different?

TERNO sleeves in general is a traditionally crafted artisan work. In Clara Modiste, sleeves are not just ordinary puffed sleeves, unlike other casual Filipiniana garments you can find nowadays. Our products are carefully constructed by our seamstresses who are trained in a tradition passed on by generations. Our sleeves have interlining Pelon fabric that are flattened, pleated and ironed together with quality Neoprene or Linen Cotton fabric before sewing. Pelon serves as stiffener which makes the TERNO sleeves stand out. With proper care, its stiffness can last long.